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Combine Real Estate Signs for Best Effect

When it comes to using best real estate signs, you have a lot of choices. While many realtors choose to stick to one type of real estate sign, combining various types of real estate signs can help you sell your properties more effectively. When selling a house, consider using a combination of the following signs for best effect.

Company Signs and Banners

One of the best ways to attract the eye of potential buyers is to showcase the name of your company.  It doesn't matter if you're from a big-name real estate company or if you're the new kid on the block; your company sign gives potential buyers a look into what they can expect from you. What is it about your company that sets it apart from others? Are you focused on selling comfortable, family homes? Perhaps you are more tuned into the luxury market, selling vacation properties and upscale condos. Whatever market you specialize in, make sure your signage conveys this in some way, along with your name and face.

Open House Signage

An open houses sign should be placed well before the day of the event. In fact, most professionals recommend advertising your open house no less than 10 days prior to the date in order to reach the maximum number of potential buyers. In addition to posting at the property itself, consider posting on the street corner. Have several back-up signs ready to post in case your signage gets stolen or vandalized. On the day of your open house, make sure to post a few direction signs, pointing the way potential buyers need to head to get to your property.

For Sale Signs

It's hard to sell a house if no one knows the house is for sale! One of the best ways that you can advertise a property is by using the property itself as an advertisement. All you have to do is put up for sale sign that contains your name and the contact phone number where you can be reached. You may also consider posting some other details about the property – some realtors choose to put information like the number of bedrooms, etc. to narrow down the field of buyers, particularly in popular neighborhoods. When placing this type of sign, make sure that the colors are bold and appealing (blues and greens tend to work best), and that they stand out from other signs on the block.

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